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Mary Bellamy
Please email me for inquiries and contact information.
Zorilita Mary Bellamy - Personal Company 2000-On Going
Creating custom artwork, comics, designs, illustrations, tattoo and toy designs for various private clients.
I also write, draw, ink, color, letter and self publish a series of girl centric graphic novels totaling over 1200 pages.
Faux Facts - The Truth Can Be Strange! and Ah Heck!! - The Angel Chronicles.

Publishing, Illustration, Comics, Graphic Novels (Art and Writing)

By Fans for Fans 2018
Licensed My Little Pony shirt design.

Wannabe Press 2017-2018
"Monsters and Other Scary Sh*t" 2017 Writer/Artist
"Cthulu is Hard to Spell" 2018 Writer/Artist

Antarctic Press September 2003 - 2018

"Mangazine" Cosmic Cupcake Chaos V3.1-6
"Gold Digger Annual #13, #14" Artist
"Gold Digger Swimsuit" #5#6 #9#10#13#15#16#17#25
"Gold Digger Halloween Annual" 2012" Artist
"Ninja High School Annual" #17,#19,#20" Artist
"Steampunk Halloween Annual" 2012" Artist

Tokyopop INC Publishing Dec 2007 -2018
Color Flatter -Nightmare Before Christmas FCBD.
"Peach Fuzz" #3 Guest Artist
"Bombos vs. Everything" #1 Guest Artist
"Road Song" #3 Guest Artist
"My Cat Loki" #2" Guest Artist
"Baby the Stars Shine Bright" Contest Winner

Scholastic/Mike Maihack 2018
Color Flatting for Cleopatra in Space vol 4

Angry Viking Press 2017

Artist for Evil Diva Comic.

Primary Artbook Anthology Project 2017
"Davina, Divine" (Project L.A.M.B.) Illustrator

Panini Comics Mexico 2017
"My Little Pony: La Magica De La Amistad" #11 2017

IDW Publishing July 2011 - Current

"My Little Pony: FIM" Comic RI Cover #21 2014
"My Little Pony: FIM" Comic RI Cover #28 2015
"My Little Pony: FIM" Comic RI Cover #32 2015
"My Little Pony: FIM" Comic RI Cover #36 2015
"My Little Pony: FIM" Comic RI Cover #38 2016
"My Little Pony: FIM" Comic RI Cover #43 2016
"My Little Pony: FIM" Comic RI Cover #56 2017
"My Little Pony: FIM" Comic RI Cover #-- 2018
"My Little Pony: FIM" Volume #6, #8,#9, #10, #11.
"My Little Pony: FIM" Omnibus Volume #3 and #4.
"Womanthology: Space" Artist
"Womanthology: Heroic" Artist, Colorist
"Womanthology: Sketchbook" Editor, Artist

Action Lab
Doll Face" Emerald City Comic Con Variant 2017

Monsters and Other Scary Sh!t 2016
"Nightwalker" Writer and illustrator for a two page story.

Amazon Publishing, Two Lions Oct 2015
"Billy the Kid is not Crazy" Illustrator, Colorist

March of Dimes Oct 2015
Illustrations for Charity Auction.

Igloo Books LTD. May 2015-June 2015
Artist and colorist for several books for the 9-in-1 My First Library Books, Feelings, Busy Day and Weather. The Bedtime Treasury 2015 illustrator.


Lacey Boggs Future Voice Over Superstar!!!
Feb 2015
Character Designer and illustrator for Lisa Biggs, voice over artist's website about voice acting.

Comics Bakery Dave Roman Sept 2009
"Life Meter 3" "Pauline's Dilemma" Artist, Writer

Girls Drawin' Girls Jan 2008 - Jan 2012
"Sugar and Spice #3
"The Way Nature Made Her" #4
"Spooky Ashcan" Sketchbook
GDG Playing Cards

Radio Comix June 2002 - May 2009

"Mangaphile" "Faux Facts" #17,
"Mangaphile" "Faux Facts" #18,
"Mangaphile" "Project L.A.M.B." #21,
"Mangaphile" "Project L.A.M.B." #22,
"Mangaphile" "Faux Facts" #23" Artist, Writer
"Furrlough" "Ah Heck!! - To Catch A Bunny" #146
"Furrlough" "Muffin Madness" #189" Artist, Writer,
"Furrlough" #162 Cover Artist
"Hit the Beach" #11 #12 #13 #14 Artist

Slave Labor Graphics Feb 2009 - May 2009

"Fat Chunk: Zombies" "The Present" Artist, Writer

S Factory Comix Dec 2006 - May 2009

"Anaconda Davida #2" Artist
"Foxies #1" Artist
"Black Cats Never Lucky #1" Artist
"Xmas #1" Artist
"Milk #59" Artist
"Poindexters #2" Artist

Jerry Schultz May 2003
"Unnamed Solor Energy Book" Artist

Shanda Fantasy Arts Sept 2001 - Sept 2004
"Shanda the Panda #31, #36, #38, #42" Inker
"Katmandu #29" Inker
"Giant Shanda Animal #8" Artist
"Women in Fur #13" Artist, Writer
"New Horizons #10" "Bunny Sitting" Artist, Writer

S. Di-Labarca May 2000-Sept 2001
"Wanka" Illustrator, Graphic Design, Ghost Writer

Vicki Fox 2000-2016
"Minding the Gap" Guest strips.
General Commission artist.

Scratch Kit Model Sets (Monsters in Motion)
Logan's Run Sandman Flame Gun Box Art 2002
Alien's Ripley's Pulse Rifle Box Art 2002




Animation and Clean Up Work
"Royal Lady Bugs" Michael Borge
Nov 2008- March 2012
Art Director/Character Designer/Logo Design/Illustration/Storyboards/Animator/Toy Design

Titmouse Inc Hollywood, CA
Oct 2005-November 2005
"Flash Animation Assistant, Clean Up artist.

Acme Filmworks Hollywood, CA
Oct 2004 - Nov 2004
"Peg and Reg Crew Member"

Mediachase Hollywood, CA May 1999-May 2000
"Internship - Graphic Designer, Flash Layout, Character Design.


Licensed Sketch Card Artist Properties

Cryptozoic Entertainment INC Nov 2012-2018
"Walking Dead Comic Series 2 Set"
"Women of Legend DC Comics"
"Adventure Time"
"DC Villains"
"DC Bombshells" 2017
"DC Bombshells 2" 2018
"Rick and Morty" 2018

UpperDeck INC July 2008, March 2014-2017
Marvel Masterpieces III,
Marvel Premiere 2014,
Guardians of the Galaxy,
Marvel Masterpieces 2014
Marvel Premiere 2014
Age of Ultron 2015,
Antman 2015,
Dinosaurs 2015,
Marvel Fleer,
Marvel Premiere 2017

5finity Productions INC Dec 2010- On Going
"Sheena Queen of the Jungle" "Manga Mandy" "Josie and the Pussycats" "Ninja Highschool""Lady Death Series 2" "Cherry set 1 and 2" "Kitty Ditties and Pretty Ladies""Carwash Craziness""Lady Zorro""Suzette" "Galaxgals Eradication INC" "Shi" "Holiday 2012" "Babes of the Dead" "Female Persuasion 2013" "Lady Death vs Shi" "Grimm's Fairy Tales""OZ and Grimms Fairy Tales 2014""Female Persuasion 3" "Grimm's Fairy Tales: Age of Darkness" "5funity" "Trizia" "Grimm Fairy Tales 2015" "Grimm Fairy Tales 2016" "Ladies of Grimm Fairy Tales""Cherry set 3" "Pups"

ChadPop Entertainment Sep 2015
Cute as a Button, artist and illustrator.

Topps May 2013-2015
"Star Wars Galactic Files 2"
"Star Wars Master Works"
"Star Wars Rebels"
"Mars Attacks"

Galan's Sketch Art Productions Jan 2013 - Feb 2014
"Contemporary Pin Ups Sketch Card Jam"
"Pit Bulls and Pin Ups"

Breygent Marketing June 2012-Sept 2012
"Dead World" "Transformers"

Bad Axe Studios July 2014
Ramrod's Bodyshop

Rittenhouse Archives Nov 2010 - Dec 2012

"Marvel Dangerous Divas"
"Marvel's Greatest Heroes"
"Marvel Bronze Age"
"Marvel Universe"




Art Institute Orange County Santa Ana, CA B.S. Media Arts and Animation May 2004
Brooks College Long Beach, CA A.A. Graphic Design May 2000
(Dean's List, Valedictorian Candidate, Animation award.)
Skills and Software
Traditional illustration skills including: drawing, inking, marker coloring, storyboarding and design.
Digital illustration skills including: Adobe Photoshop with both Wacom graphics tablet and Cintiq including sketching, inking, coloring, limited animation and layouts. Extensive experience in Photoshop and Flash. Minor image retouching and graphic design for print and web. Some experience with After Effects and Premiere video editiing and compositing. Some experience with Dreamweaver MX.