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                Update: April 18, 2017   

Frequently Asked Questions
This section was created to answer questions that I don't have time to answer through email.

How long have you been drawing and what sort of things inspire you to create?

I honestly can't remember a time when I wasn't drawing something. My parents were both artistic, my dad into comics and my mom into fantasy monsters. I grew up watching a steady supply of cartoons on television, reading comic adaptions of cartoons, and piles of kid lit on top of the list of books our school insisted we read. I loved the female led properties like A Wrinkle In Time, Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of OZ and the slew of cheesy girlie cartoons of the 80's. I loved the cartoons like Grimm's Fairy Tales, Lil' Bits and The Noozles. They were my gateway into the anime movement that came years later. Sailor Moon, Kyatto Ninden Teyande, Monster Rancher, Digimon amongst others were all intriguing to me as many of the 80's shows were animated in Japan. Cartoon adaptions of games like Sonic the Hedgehog were also an inspiration. It wasn't until Satam Sonic that I discovered the dystopian style of storytelling. Up until that point the good guys always won and the villains always lost. This was interesting to me. In the 90's I discovered that you could actually get our ideas/stories published in anthology books like Furrlough. Later self publishing let me live out my ideas with products I completely controlled. I pitched my work many times but most of my properties weren't picked up. I've worked on many things some under NDAs so I sadly can't post those.

Where can I find the books you've been published in?

This is a long question but I'll make it short. You can get my anthology books from the 2000's from Antarctic Press, Radio Comix, Shanda Fantasy Arts, Slave Labor. You can also find many of them with Rabbit Valley and various small comic sites online. They are not as plentiful but you can still buy some of them online. My Dollface variant was a limited exclusive at ECCC 2017 but it may pop up on Ebay at some point. My My Little Pony covers are Retail Incentive Covers which you can get through Diamond and local comic shops when they come out. Sometimes IDW Publishing does have copies too. I do get some comp copies which I can sell as well. The children's books I've illustrated are floating around in London England and I'm not sure if you would be able to find any of them at this point. Womanthology, its sequels and the sketchbook are still on Amazon and maybe with IDW Publishing. Any of the things that are still in print with Girls Drawin' Girls should be available on their site.

You said you also self publish? Where can I get your books?

You can find me at San Diego Comic Con in the Small Press Section. I have 12 full color graphic novels. You can also find my work for sale on my website, Createspace and Amazon. I also do several conventions a year as a guest and panelist. Sometimes I do book signings and Free Comic Book Day and sell my books there as well. And just recently I've decided to post Ah Heck!! The Angel Chronicles online for free to read. You can check it out here.

So there's this comic that's a lot like Ah Heck!! and uh...have you seen it?

Yeah I know about that Weasel. He bought my books years before “his” story (which ironically has the original name for Ah Heck!!) came out. It's more than heavily inspired by my story and made me feel so heartbroken that after years of rejections from places that someone would steal a morality tale just to get “successful.” His excuses have been shot down one by one but still he's been conning people for years now...for a “great writer” I've not seen any other stories come out from him...gee I wonder why. ;)

You said you've worked in animation and tv? Licensed art? What did you work on?

I've worked on The Drew Carey Green Screen Show years ago in the animation department. I animated a promotional ad for Titmouse Animation, developed some television pitches for clients including character designs, logos, animated storyboards and more. I worked with Alan Young at one point. I've also been contracted to illustrate several artist trading card sets for properties like Marvel, DC, Walking Dead, Adventure Time, My Little Pony, Star Trek, Star Wars, and more.

What are your artistic tools of the trade?

Just the typical mechanical number 2 pencil and an assorted set of Micron pens. I also love to draw in ballpoint pen because it's smooth and easy to get ideas out. For my traditional sketch card jobs I use Prisma markers, micron pens, gel pens and glitter pens. I do occasionally use water colors. For digital work I use my Wacom and Photoshop.

Do you do requests or trades?

Sorry, no. Art and conventions are a full time gig for me. I just don't have the time to do any sort of art without paid compensation. I do though, take commissions. Email me for information on what you're interested in getting.

I really like your characters can I draw fan art?

Yes, but I ask that you follow these guidelines. No nudity, no drugs, no sexual situations or anything that is over a PG rating. Please put my copyright information on said picture like Zorichan© Mary Bellamy 1997-2017. That being said, drop me an email if you have done fan art so I can see it and fave it.

You have some really cool art, can I post it to my site and use it for avatars (pictures that represent yourself online)?

No I do not wish to have my art redistributed online. If you want to save it to your hard drive to look at that's OK but no unauthorized posting or selling of my art is allowed. Just because it's online doesn't mean its free. (See

Can I use your art for custom signatures or web graphics for chat rooms or email signatures?

No. I do not want my artwork altered in any way. Sorry. If you want to commission a specific piece of artwork from me and pay for it that is one thing. But anything else is unacceptable. This includes tubes and other sorts of banners.

Can I please link your art to my page/blog/website?

Sure I don't mind a link to my art but I do not want to have you actually hot-linking my pictures to your pages. If you really just have to have my fan art on your Live Journal etc please download your own copy and re-post it and then of course link back to my website. Hot-linking kills my bandwidth and is generally frowned upon.

I learn to draw by tracing can I post traced pictures of your art online?

Again, no. This is generally uncool. You can always learn by tracing or eyeballing but it's best if you don't post them online or if you must, include where you got the original from. Credit is always the right thing to do.