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                Update: June 02, 2021   

Frequently Asked Questions
This section was created to answer questions that I don't have time to answer through email.

Where can I get your books? What about the commercial ones you've worked on?

You can buy my Zorilita graphic novels here on my personal store website, at San Diego Comic Con and various comic events like Free Comic Book Day. You can buy them on Amazon as well though I can't always guarantee they will shipped properly and they will not come signed. I will post any sort of events if you want to come get your My Little Pony, Dollface or other books I've done signed as well.

I decided to post Ah Heck!! The Angel Chronicles 's first two books online to read for free. You can check it out here or here or here.

Commercially licensed books (Scholastic, First Second, Harper Colins and Oni Press) can usually be found through Amazon, the publisher's site or even Diamond Comics Distributors. Some older titles such as the anthologies will be much harder to find and may be only available on the company sites or even Ebay. Niche books like the anthologies may even be on Rabbit Valley. You can check Radio Comix, Antarctic Press and Tokyopop for more details. Tokyopop tankobon such as Peach Fuzz, Road Song etc are out of print and might be hard to find. For the children's books, it is highly unlikely you can find them outside of London which is disappointing. Shirts can be found on my Teepublic and By Fans for Fans sites. My pin up work can be found with Girls Drawin' Girls.

Along with these items I have done covers, pin ups and submissions for several Kickstarter projects including ones featuring Cthulhu, unicorn vampire hunters, scifi adventures and unruly demon ladies.

Please do also note that many of my colorist positions are uncredited save for The Nightmare Before Christmas issue 0 and first trade and Cleopatra In Space volumes 5 and 6. Chunky by Yehudi Mercado should be updated on the second pritning to include this information. I should be credited for Scifu 2 with Oni Press. Updates to follow.

You said you've worked in animation and tv? Licensed art? What did you work on?

I've worked on The Drew Carey Green Screen Show years ago in the animation department. I animated a promotional ad for Titmouse Animation, developed some television pitches for clients including character designs, logos, animated storyboards and more. Sadly many of those projects required an NDA and unless otherwise stated I can't comment on what they are.

I worked with Alan Young on a children's book at one point. I've also been contracted to illustrate several artist trading card sets, t-shirts, board games and more for properties like Marvel, DC, Walking Dead, Adventure Time, My Little Pony, Star Trek, and Star Wars.

I've also worked on a few things with Amazon Publishing's Two Lions firm. One project went ahead and the other was never released.

You can find more information here on my resume page.

Do you do any appearances?

Yes! I have been a Guest of Honor, Guest and Panelist at several conventions including but not limited to comic cons, scifi conventions, My Little Pony conventions and more. I have done presentations at the Los Angeles Library for Free Comic Book Day, done signings for Womanthology, My Little Pony and more at local comic stores and have done presentations for local schools. In the wake of the epidemic I've also done interviews and podcast appearances with various places as well.

If you would like me to be a guest on a panel or presentation, I specialize in talking about working on licensed properties, being a cover artist, self publishing, strattling animation and comics, women in comics, supernatural elements in comics and working with disabilities. Please email me if you would like to arrange something.

What are your artistic tools of the trade?

For the traditional side of my work I use watercolors, Prisma markers, Prisma colored pencils, Micron pens, Sakura gel pens, both white and glitter as well as Multiliners. I do love to doodle with ball point pen from time to time as well. It's a lot easier to be more fluid with my art that way. For paper stock I tend to stick with a smooth Bristol board for most of my commissions though I have used watercolor paper occasionally.

For digital artwork, I have switched over from purely Wacom and Photoshop to using Procreate on the iPad. It's very freeing to draw wherever I am as well as being able to record your images being made with timelapse. Then I will take the line art I create and finish coloring it in Photoshop.

For animation I now use Photoshop and Premiere exclusively as Flash has now been left behind in the industry.

How long have you been drawing and what sort of things inspire you to create?

I honestly can't remember a time when I wasn't drawing something. My parents were both artistic, my dad into comics and my mom into fantasy monsters. I grew up watching a steady supply of cartoons on television, reading comic adaptions of cartoons, and piles of kid lit on top of the list of books our school insisted we read. I loved the female led properties like A Wrinkle In Time, Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of OZ and the slew of cheesy girlie cartoons of the 80's. I loved the cartoons like Grimm's Fairy Tales, Lil' Bits and The Noozles. They were my gateway into the anime movement that came years later. Sailor Moon, Kyatto Ninden Teyande, Monster Rancher, Digimon amongst others were all intriguing to me as many of the 80's shows were animated in Japan. Cartoon adaptions of games like Sonic the Hedgehog were also an inspiration. It wasn't until Satam Sonic that I discovered the dystopian style of storytelling. Up until that point the good guys always won and the villains always lost. This was interesting to me. In the 90's I discovered that you could actually get our ideas/stories published in anthology books like Furrlough. Later self publishing let me live out my ideas with products I completely controlled. I pitched my work many times but most of my properties weren't picked up. I've worked on many things some under NDAs so I sadly can't post those.

Do you do requests or trades?

I no longer am available for art trades (one artist draws a picture for another artist who draws on in return) or any sort of unpaid collaborations. My normal work keeps me quite busy. I do take commissions however I mainly take only sketch card commissions on premade artist proofs from the companies I work with. I will open commissions for other sorts of art mainly around convention season. This may change and you can always email me if your heart is set on a commission. My commissions will only range from a G rating to a PG-13. I will not draw explicit content so please be advised those sorts of things are better asked for other artists.

I really like your characters can I draw fan art?

Yes, but I ask that you follow these guidelines. No nudity, no drugs, no sexual situations or anything that is over a PG rating. Please put my copyright information on said picture like Zorichan© Mary Bellamy 1997-2017. That being said, drop me an email if you have done fan art so I can see it and fave it.

You have some really cool art, can I post it to my site and use it for avatars (pictures that represent yourself online)? What about custom signatures/web graphics or banners?

No I do not wish to have my art redistributed/edited online. If you want to save it to your hard drive to look at that's OK but no unauthorized posting or selling of my art is allowed. Just because it's online doesn't mean its free. (See