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Faux Facts by Mary Bellamy is the cutest comic on the market. Featuring a cast of young girls with a variety of personalities and interests, it is the sort of book which exemplifies the best qualities of all ages comics.
Dating back to 2002, it easily predates the sort of 1980’s nostalgia and female protagonist led comics
which have since become all the rage. -Dan Conner (My Gal, the Zombie, Pink Panther, Underdog)

"Faux Facts is imaginative, creative and engaging, the mini stories within this volume always keep you wanting more."
Stephanie Ratté

"The art to both "Ah Heck" and "Faux Facts" is a breath of fresh air from all same stale artwork that you usually see in
comics and manga nowadays. The great illustrations are only matched by the clever writing! Kids will love the characters
and fun story, but adults will also love the witty dialog. It's the same winning formula that makes Pixar stories such a success!
And Ms. Bellamy captured that winning magic in every page of her comics! I highly recommend both books!"
Gary L. Gallegos
(IceCat Books and The Wandering School Girl)

"Faux Facts is what you get when a group of girls try their best to lead normal lives. Normal lives that get constantly
sinterrupted by foul-mannered cats, amorous cartoon rabbits, forbiddencookies and a whole lot of disgruntled starfish. And
that's a lot more fun than it sounds, too! Faux Facts is a fun book for all ages, so pick up several copies, because you won't
want to share yours!" Phil Gibson (Cantrip the Magic Rabbit.)

"Hidden behind Mary's cute and well-crafted drawings is a uniquely twisted sense of humor.
This is a good thing. Allow it to worm into your brain...if you dare." Aldin Baroza (Assistant Director Futurama)

"Mary Bellamy's work is literally for All ages. All ages being for young kids and mature adults AND everybody in between.
It's interesting how the characters and overall look of the stories is cute and cuddly, but the subject matter is not dumbed
down for kids. on the contrary, the stories are involving and intriguing. Her work is fanciful but there's the sense that it is
some way based on personal experience. It gives a feeling of authenticity to her work that makes it truly exceptional. Her
stories are a delight to read and experience!" -Ted Seko (Storyboard Artist on Spongebob)