Volume 5
Our lovable group of misfits are back for another set of strange adventures in this fifth volume of Faux Facts. Rosemary has her hands full with a jam packed schedule, Satellite misses Daisy, The girls discover an unwelcome visitor at the mall, Tigerlilly is hunting for a new magical book, and Rainbow's grasp on Daisy is tightening. Meanwhile, Puck is up to something big and Helena might just have made a new otherworldly friend. Our girls definitely have their hands full juggling the mundane with the insane!

"Working for the Weekend"
"Return to Sender"
"Food Court Crasher"
"Tigerlilly's Reveng"
"I've Got My Spy On You"
"Little Girl Lost"

Please Note: There may be slight differences in cover artwork due to different print runs.

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