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My name is Mary Bellamy I am a professional licensed artist working on such properties as My Little Pony, Marvel, DC Comics, Adventure Time and more. This page serves both as a portfolio site and a site detailing my own girls entertainment branding. I've worked nearly 20 years in licensed artwork, illustration, comics and other entertainment media. I saw the need for more girl-centric properties that inspires girls, teens and women through products that do not rely on the standard marketing norms like princesses and sparkles. I decided to start publishing my own series of graphic novels and have sold and promoted them at shows like San Diego Comic Con since 2009. I've worked with various groups such as Womanthology, Girls Drawin' Girls and the Girl Scouts because I truly believe in bringing diversity into the field.

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Zorilita Updates and News!

Ah Heck!! The Fallen Ones is at SDCC 2017
Zorilita Mary Bellamy will be at San Diego Comic Con for it's 9th official year! Four years after The Angel Chronicles ended I decided to do one final treck into the Ah Heck!! Universe to write about what happened to the other girls in the program and how they were all chosen. All your burning questions will be answered! It will be a double issue! A first for Zorilita!

I'm also hoping to have Ah Heck!! The Angel Chronicles in a completely new format with two books instead of 3 and both will have the same sized volumes. New artwork as seen with the web comic version plus bonus content. I will also have all 7 volumes of Faux Facts - The Truth Can Be Strange!, my Zorilita Guardian plush dolls are also coming along. Jereboa (yellow one) has only 3 dolls left so get him before he goes extinct! This year I will also have some new exclusive stickers and prints! If you have any of the covers I did for Action Lab or My Little Pony, I will sign those for free. Hope to see you there.

Sugar Bits Exclusive Artist Sketchbook
Containing over six years of original Zorilita - Mary Bellamy artwork, the Sugar Bits volume 2 sketchbook is now available for preorder. All preordered books will get a complimentary sketch inside, a $15 value. Click to pre-order your copy today!

Now available online to read for free! Volume 1 plus prologue
Ah Heck!! The Angel Chronicle's full color version debuted in 2009 and is now available to read free online with remastered art work and will hopefully be kickstarted to compile all 3 volumes into one.

Monsters and Other Scary #@$%
It was a whirlwind of a Kickstarter Campaign but we fully funded our new graphic novel anthology featuring Monsters, things that we fear and other things unknown. I did a two page comic with a twist ending I think you'll like. This book is rated up to R for violence but if you're in the mood for some scary stuff...check it out. You can even pre-order a copy if you missed the Kickstarter.

Zorilita on the web!

I don't post all of the artwork I create here on my website. If you'd like to follow my sketches, photos and more, you can follow me at my General Tumblr, Art Tumblr, Photo Tumblr. If you'd like to read my tweets you can follow me here or here. If you'd like to follow me on Devintart it's here.

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