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Media Used: Pencils/Ink/Photoshop Copyrights:Image©Mary Bellamy 2012
Description: I did this piece back in July for the Womanthology Space #1 book. It's my character Zorilita in her teen form with an alien. I wanted to do something art nouveau for a long time and fun with the design. Go pick it up and check it out.

More info on the book:

Womanthology: Space #1

Creators: Bonnie Burton, Jessica Hickman, Sandy King Carpenter, Tanja Wooten, Alison Ross, Stephanie Hans, Ming Doyle, Stacie Ponder, Jordie Bellaire, Anna Bowie, Mary Bellamy

“I’ve been following Womanthology since I first spotted Renae DeLiz’s tweet and I can say without a doubt that Womanthology: Space is continuing down the trail blazed by the anthology! Like Heroic, Womanthology: Space #1 is full of creativity and features brand-new stories by some amazing talent. In this first issue, you’re not just going to get Ming Doyle’s pulp-inspired The Adventures of Princess Plutonia and Stacie Ponder’s hilarious Space Girls, but also have the chance to continue to support the Womanthology endeavor!”

—Lorelei Bunjes, VP Digital Services and backseat Editor