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Non Commercial Fan Art/Commissions

Characters are all copyrighted to their respective owners. These are drawings I've done as parts of trades, commissions or just gift art for people I admire.

Updated 03/18/2014


Commercial Fan Art

Corrector Yui Tiara Princess Peach Lady Lovely Locks 01.
Pauline SMB Sigma MMX Fringe Olivia Fringe Walter Red Sonja Updated Katara Fan Art Prince Nuada and Princess Nuala Fan Art BATB Belle Seeping Beauty Enchanted Giselle Eilonwy Mermaid
Princess Eilonwy Forgettable Princesses Sailor Venus Flat Sailor Jupiter Flat Sailor Mars Flat. Sailor Mercury Flat Sailor Pluto Flat Sailor Saturn Flat Sailor Moon New Digko Simpsons Digit Charat
Bat Girl Sphinx Magical Canan Colored MWGG Andromeda Gift Winx Fan Techna Layla Flora Thorn Ichigo Mew Ichigo Musa Fly
Witch GirlsThe Great Four Generals Super Girl

Artwork of commercial characters from movies, tv, comics etc. I don't own the characters themselves.


Updated 03/18/2014


Artist Trading Cards

Dangerous Divas 01 Dangerous Divas 2 Dangerous Divas 3 Dangerous Divas 5 Dangerous Divas 6 Marvel Cards 01 Comics Marvel Artist Proofs Comics Marvel Cards 2 Comic Book Monster High ATC Fearsome Five
Misa Amano Classic Strawberry Shortcake Buffy Commission Pembroke Cards Commission Sonic villains Super Hero Ladies NinjaTurtles (sold) Magical girls ATC Tokyo Mew Mew ATC Comic Girls ATC Psylocke Commission
Anime Trading Cards 01 Anime Trading Cards 02

Mix of older personal cards and stuff done for pro sets.