Our heroine. Not evil but not good either. A
border line soul trying to find her way back home again.

This is my version of God. I wanted a female version of God because women need to see themselves in the divine too. She has three eyes which is a reference to the metaphysical. She might look dainty but don't make her angry or she'll send you packing.

Lucifer was the most beautiful thing God made but his heart is cold and dark. Belzie is his left hand devil and partner in crime.

Oliver is the first ruler of the Underworld that Angel meets on her journey. She's supposed to work for him forver. His domain is infested with evil bunnies.

Heck has no real name because her identity was taken from her. Her cute appearance thwarts her efforts to take over the Underworld even though she's the best suited to do it. Watch out for her evil teddy bears.

Leanna is the ruler of the Succubus part of hell. She's smart and crafty but hits the glass ceiling more othen than she'd care to admit.

Leanna's sassy, fierce lackies that hold down her domain in the Underworld. The rejects that work for Oliver in his realm. Faith, Hope, and Chastity. These are all their chibi forms.